Josh Hartley
Freelance Graphic Designer


Freelance Graphic Designer


About Me

I am Josh Hartley and I am a young graphic designer. I like to use Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D to create my work. I believe that i have a high knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and that i can complete lots of different things within the program. I do not know loads about Cinema 4D but i know enough to be able to create some great things.

When designing things i like to use my own ideas but i also look to other peoples work, not to copy but for inspiration for my own ideas. I also like to compare my own work to others peoples work because not only does it give me inspiration for later pieces but it also makes me appreciate the talent other people posses.


- Adobe Photoshop
- Cinema 4D
- Adobe Illustrator
- General knowledge of computers
- Studied ICT at A-Level
- Creative Mind

Areas of Expertise

- Computer Aided Design
- Creative graphics
- Thinking up great ideas to incorporate into my work
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